Support the Korea general strike for workers rights!

Struggling against the government’s attacks on labour rights, unions in South Korean are holding a general strike for workers’ rights on 30 November. IndustriALL is calling for global days of action to support the unions’ fight.

Korean unions are struggling against a government crackdown on labour rights. The administration of South Korean President Park oversaw police raids of trade unions’ offices and the arrest of hundreds of peaceful trade unionists. .

Park has attempted to make changes to Korean labour law that include permitting firing without due process, cutting wages for senior employees and allowing more outsourcing. .

The Park government has been implicated in a scandal in which major Korean corporations paid bribes to foundations controlled by an ally of Park in exchange for support for anti-labour policies and other favors. .

As part of an ongoing fight back that recently included one million Koreans marching through Seoul, Korean unions have called a general strike for 30 November. .

Join in the global days of action to support the Korean unions between now and 30 November by: .
• Sending a protest letter. Put it on your union’s letterhead, insert your union’s name in the first sentence, add a signature and send it to the email addresses listed at the top of the letter. .
• Taking selfies holding up the solidarity sign (links to the right) and post them online with hashtag #KoreaGeneralStrike and send them to to share.
• Holding an action at a Korean embassy or consulate or at a location of one of the anti-labour, corrupt Korean corporations such as Hyundai, LG, Posco or Samsung. You could deliver a protest letter to the embassy, consulate or management. Make sure to send pics or video of the action to to share.

• IndustriALL Global Union general secretary Valter Sanches, who recently visited Korea on a solidarity mission, says:
I urge you to support this general strike by participating in the global days of action and show the Korean government the strength of global solidarity.

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