Stop PRECARIOUS employment contractS

Never in the history of working people have jobs become so insecure as the current dispensation and factors accounting to this unfortunate situation is known to all of us. To say the least, corporate greed and quest for hyper profit mind set without recourse to those of us who toil and sweat to create the wealth is what we see in the industry. Again for the sake of “foreign direct investment”, most labour legislations and regulations have been crafted or altered to meet their greed. Currently, employers have adopted all manner of precarious employment contract arrangement such as short term fixed contract, temporal and causal employment to the detriment of the working class Now there is a growing trend where permanent workers are declared redundant only to be reengaged as short term fixed contract or causal workers by the same employers. What is even making the situation worse are high rate of outsourcing, dwindling public sector employees, high rate of unemployment and growing informal sector of the labour market Another issue that is wealthy of consideration is the uneven remuneration landscape in the industry. The Ghana Mineworkers Union is focused on addressing this glaring and unaccepted level of income inequality. This situation if not well addressed could challenge the peace this industry had enjoyed for the past years. The way forward is adopt a Global compensation which seeks to maximize welfare and minimize recurrent cost to the industry.

01 - 12 - 2016

This is evil

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