Updates on 2016 Salary Negotiations

Like the year 2015, this year has recorded yet again, another protracted negotiation. With barely a month to close the year, it is sad to note that salary negotiations for close to 95 percent of our constituencies is yet to be completed. Of the 95%, majority of these constituencies are predominantly large scale multinational businesses including; Gold Fields, Newmont, AngloGold, Asanko, Perseus Mining, who have either procured new mining fleet, injected new capital into their businesses or paid dividend to shareholders, seamlessly within the same period. Indeed, we will not begrudge them for any such initiatives. However, they must remain true to the time honoured cliché that employees truly are their most valuable assets. On the contrary, this assertion fiercely runs counter to the current practice in the industry and I can say without any fear of contradiction that this assertion is a mere rhetoric. Indeed, labour has never been the most valuable asset, instead has always being an "article of commerce" for the best part of this industry - used and dumped at the least opportunity. It has always being the first to be 'attacked' in gloom times and shockingly, the last to be remembered or recognized even in boom times. So I ask, where really is the sincerity of this industry? Without any shred of doubt in my mind, I am now overwhelmingly convinced about the depth of "insincerity and insensitivity" on the part of most captains of this industry towards people issues. They wobble in their convictions and are not true in their approach towards those who sweat to generate the wealth. Morally, they are also not even perturbed about their inconceivable and arbitrary pecks that interestingly, also links so weakly to performance. Indeed, they have consistently proven that their focus is only on profits, shareholder dividend, and speedy procurement of mining fleet and nothing else. It is therefore not surprising that we are still sitting with a paltry 5% year-to-date success rate on salary negotiations. Brother Chair, but like I signaled in my first-half address to this house, we remain committed to the course of our members and will always ensure they benefit equitably in the outcomes of our collective efforts and therefore any company or group of companies who are committed to needlessly drag this year's negotiations into 2017 must revise their notes immediately. Let me state emphatically that we do not have the appetite and the patience, and therefore shall not countenance any such attempt(s).

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